Minor Recurring Reads: Homestuck, Pt. 4

Last time on Homestuck: I met the woman I am going to marry and her name is Mom Lalonde. I’m your stepparent now Rose and your bedtime is never.


The coolest dude on the planet stands in his bedroom. Will he tell us his name? No, he’s way too cool for that, but maybe if we guess correctly he’ll give a cool little nod our way.

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Minor Recurring Reads: Homestuck, Pt. 3

Last time on Homestuck: John finally installs SBURB and a meteor strikes his house. Pretty unforgiving game mechanic if you ask me.


A young woman whose house has just lost power stands in her room. What is her name?

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Minor Recurring Reads: Homestuck, Pt. 2

Lost in the throes of suburban depression and ennui? I sure am. Let’s read more Homestuck and see if we can relate!

LAST TIME ON HOMESTUCK: John Egbert turned 13! Happy birthday to John. When we previously left him, he was checking the mail to see if the beta for SBURB, AKA the greatest game ever, has arrived yet.


Unfortunately it looks like he’s going to have to go through his father if he wants┬áthat beta, because the mailbox has already been sniped.

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Minor Recurring Reads: Homestuck, Pt. 1

Here’s something that often surprises a lot of my nerd peers: I’ve never read Homestuck. Outside of one aborted attempt sometime during high school, I managed to surf right through the comic’s peak years of popularity around 2011-2012. I have countless friends who were into it at the time, sure, but beyond what I’ve learned from them it’s all a complete mystery to me.

Until now. Given Hiveswap Act I’s recent release, I figure it’s now the perfect time to do what has been a long time coming: attempt to read Homestuck in its entirety and, of course, document my experiences on here for your viewing pleasure.

Here’s a quick list of what I know already:

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