Hello. My name is Wallis, and my chief purpose in running this blog is to overanalyze works of fiction right down into the dirt!

A little bit about me:

I am a writer and indie game developer, so a lot of what I say is going to be from that perspective. I like to tell stories with sincerity and deep thought, and if I can’t have that I like to project it onto other people’s stories.

Things I like:

  • video games, anime, and YA fiction (so that’s what you’ll be seeing the most of on here)
  • unique characters and designs
  • projecting every single one of my thoughts about media to the world
  • pretty boys and angry girls
  • big fluffy coats
  • you know that one trope when a character has to choose between saving someone they love and screwing themself/others over majorly and despite everything they choose their love? Yeah.

Why Minor Recurring Antagonist? Let’s just say I have a type.

A picture of me: